What should you pay attention to when choosing furniture?

What should you pay attention to when choosing furniture?

We know that the weekend time to spend with your family or friends,is must be happy.We sat around the table,eating food prepared by our families and friends,drinking fine wine,it's a wonderful scene.The premise of having these is that,you must have comfortable chairs.Then how to choose them?

1.     Material

Nowadays dining tables and chairs are made of many materials, such as metal chair, wood chair, rattan chair, etc. The specific choice depends on the personal preference of actual needs.

wood chair

  •  Item                       T245

  •  Width                      18"

  •  Depth                     20.8"

  •  Height                    34.6"

  •  Seat Width             18.9"

  •  FrameMaterial       Thailand Rubber Wood & Birch Wood

  •  Seat Material          PVC

  •  Color                       Customized

  •  Style                        Traditional

  •  Padding                   Yes

  •  Suitable For Commercial Use    Yes

 Packaging and Transport :

 1: 2pcs/carton

 2: Ocean Shipping

 Delivery Time:


2. Quality

The most important part of the kitchen dining table and chairs is the components of the frame and the fixture. When purchasing a kitchen dining table and chairs, it is necessary to judge whether the quality of the wood or metal parts is acceptable. If it is not qualified, it is best not to buy.

metal chair


When choosing the dining table and chairs, be sure to choose the right size. If you can't sit down or you waste a lot of space, it's not appropriate. So this needs to be determined according to the actual situation and the size of the kitchen space.


The dining chairs and table are an important part of the kitchen culture. Different decoration styles should be equipped with different dining tables and chairs. We can also choose products according to personal preferences and styles when purchasing.

wood bar stool

Of course, there are many combinations of wooden frames and surface soft pack materials.

Putting such a table and chair in the restaurant, the mood of people to eat will consciously relax.

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