Modern dining table and chair design pay attention to 7 major items

Modern dining table and chair design pay attention to 7 major items

Buying a modern dining table and chair, a large part of it is for the dining environment of the whole table, giving a comfortable table, so what should you pay attention to when designing the dining table and chair?

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1. Choose the right color, with dark saturated colors to set off the furniture and tableware, or to create a relaxed and pleasant dining environment with bright and lively colors.

2. According to the function of the restaurant, choose the wall and floor materials. In the small room, consider whether to choose the dining table to expand the visual space. The floor makes the hard materials easy to clean.

3. Where is the restaurant arranged, whether it is a transportation hub, a campus, or a recreation area.

4. Use decorations that promote appetite, photos of flowers, fruits, and landscapes.

5. According to the height of the space, the choice of lamps, the ideal lifting restaurant table, chandeliers have the advantages of other lamps, the effect of the projection downlight is also good.

6. According to the service level of the restaurant planning, the size of the layout, determine the layout of the dinette.

7. According to the layout size of the space, determine the size and quantity of the dining table and chair of the restaurant. The round dining table can get the most people in the smallest area. The square or rectangular dining table is easier to combine with the space. The folding table or the sliding table can Adapt to a variety of needs.

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