How to distinguish solid wood dining table chairs

How to distinguish solid wood dining table chairs

     For the vast number of consumers, it is impossible to recognize all the solid wood, so when buying a solid wood chair, whether you are deceived, then you should remember the following points:

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    1. Look at it: Look at the solid wood chair material. Is there any loop pattern or arc-shaped pinhole (pipe hole)? Check whether there is a line or curve divided into layers in the wood. If there are these lines It can be judged that it is a wood-based panel, because the real solid wood has no beautiful texture except the rosewood and the flower eucalyptus.

   2, the second smell: pure wood has its own special taste, even after long-term storage or finishing, there is still a smell, and there are many woods will retain a faint taste, such as pine has a rosin taste, cedar has a light fragrance, cedar has a spicy taste The shirt has a unique smell, many domestic woods have no odor, and the wood-based panels have a strong chemical smell, such as formaldehyde, which is well recognized.

  3, three knock: knock on the solid wood chair, tapping with a hand will give a crisper sound, while the artificial solid wood dining chair board is low-pitched, and the wooden pieces of the box will make a loud drum sound.

  4, four: according to the weight of the wood is divided into three levels. Lightweight dry paulownia wood, medium-weight pine, eucalyptus, autumn wood, etc., in the north of China, the medium-density wood is called soft wood (except pine), heavyweight except mahogany, Outside the hardwoods such as rosewood and rosewood, eucalyptus, ash and birch are called hardwoods.

   In summary, all of them help us to buy solid wood chairs very well, find a solid wood chair brand manufacturer, can not buy a loss.

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