Cheap table purchase market

Cheap table purchase market

Cheap table purchase market

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There are a lot of industries in the market, there are large table needs, there are also small table needs, but what should you pay attention to when you have a small table?

large dining room table

1, the placement of tables and chairs

Although the size of the small restaurant is not large, but the table and chair placement is also very particular, so first check if you can spell the table. This is to choose a square table, so that you can achieve multi-person dining, and there is no cost-effective like a round table.

2, the size of the table and chair

In addition to the table, the choice of single table, due to the composition of the Chinese population and family, is generally two to four people dining, so the table style is in line with the overall decoration, four-person table can be. Convenient and easy to clean up.

3, table and chair style

The above said that in line with the decoration, the minimum point is consistency, the overall color will give people a very comfortable feeling, in fact, in the area of the wall, getting some tables is also convenient for single people to eat.

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